Working at Warwick

Job Openings


Benefits Paid 100% by District/School:

  • Single Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

  • Over 15% contributed in NDPERS retirement plan (certified & non-certified specific)

  • $10,000 Life Insurance

  • Long Term Disability 

  • Personal, Sick, & Funeral Paid Leave

  • Breakfast & Lunch School Meals

What Staff Says . . .


Leo Frondarina

2nd Grade Teacher

As an international teacher from the Philippines, Warwick Public School turns out to be a second home to me, not just a workplace. The school heads and board members turn out to be our loving, caring, and nurturing parents/guardians inside and outside the school that protect the teachers and students' welfare and safety. Their immense support serves as a blanket that embraces the needs of teachers and stakeholders. My co-teachers being each other’s big sisters and big brothers for having each other’s back. As a teacher of the 21st century learners, empowering and scaffolding students to reach greater heights, providing a fair and reliable member of society and cascading learning to better produce outstanding students are the goals we all sign up for. It is nice to work in a company that is at peace. I wouldn't stay here for 3 years and counting if I wasn't comfortable with my surrounding. In education, modeling is the most effective way of learning, and this school models a positive soothing environment for teachers, and an engaging way of learning for students. With that, let us spread love, but remember, you can't spell LOVE without...

L E O!

Kathy Holt

Kathy Hoyt

Middle School Paraprofessional

I started working at Warwick Public School about seven years ago. It was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. The school provides a warm and friendly atmosphere. Working with the students each day, getting to know them, and seeing them progress in their learning excites me to return each day. Warwick Public School’s administration, staff, and students provide a support system that has become more like a second family than a job. The school offers many opportunities to grow professionally, academically, and personally. Warwick Public School’s mission is to "provide a safe, healthy environment, that will foster student achievement and success in their future.” I’m proud to be a part of this mission and to call myself a “Warrior.”

Kathy Holt

Debra Bertsch

Library Paraprofessional

WOW - Why I work at the Warwick Public School!!!!!!

I guess education has always been something I wanted for a career and when given the opportunity to do so - I DID IT and I've never looked back. This is my 52nd year of working at Warwick Public School and I still enjoy coming to work every day. It is because of the relationships with students and staff and the compassion that we have that makes working here so enjoyable. We work together to make sure that the students get the best education and prepare them for their future. There are SO MANY POSITIVES in our school system with student behaviors, attendance, graduation rate, sports, staff education opportunities, new building addition for middle school, etc. and that staff members are going back to further their education while working here and plan on staying here. I would HIGHLY Recommend Warwick Public School System to anyone that is thinking or looking for an Awesome Career in Education!!!!!